Incident with outgoing REST Hook triggers (including Zapier)
Incident Report for Autopilot
At approximately May 17 at 7:50pm PST, in an attempt to improve the speed of our outgoing REST Hook triggers, we inadvertently made a change which caused some contact_added_to_list triggers to fire when they shouldn’t have. REST Hook Triggers are used for Zapier, so this includes people using Zapier.

The change was reverted as soon as our team became aware of the problem, and the previous system took over.

This incident:

- Only affected events going OUT of Autopilot, so it did not incorrectly trigger any journeys, or send emails/SMS or anything else within Autopilot.

- Only affected certain triggers, so it is very possible that you were not affected.

As a results of this incident, we will first be examining our testing & QA process to ensure an incident of this nature does not occur again in the future. We will then be reviewing the issue itself, resolving the root cause, and vastly increasing the number of test scenarios we run through before releasing it.

We sincerely apologize if this has impacted you. Our team is committed to ensuring a high standard of quality and consistent performance. If you have any questions, or if this has affected you, please contact
Posted over 1 year ago. May 18, 2018 - 07:04 UTC